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What are the risks of Forex trading

    What are the risks of Forex trading?
    What are the risks of Forex trading?

     Over the past few years, the currency market has been a major concern among the various financial markets. It is one of the largest liquid financial markets in the world, with approximately $ 3 trillion traded daily so many believe that the best investment can be done from home and making profits. Forex Trading.

    In the past, forex trading was limited only to banks and major financial companies, and then it developed. Ordinary individuals were able to enter this market for trading, but it did not become popular until 1998, when it became more popular and became the talk of websites and forums on the Internet. The electronic forex trading has become advanced, Many tools to make more profit.

    The difference between the Forex market and futures trading
    Forex trading is quite different from futures trading where the Forex is a foreign exchange market or the international exchange of foreign exchange, futures trading is to buy a contract for a specific currency in the future at a price, so do not be confused between the two.

    Trading in the Forex market is less risky than trading in currency futures, yet it is more profitable than trading in equity markets.

    What are the main requirements for entering the Forex market?
    Forex trading is open to all and is characterized by the absence of a central position such as stock markets or futures contracts that require a central exchange for trading.

    The Forex market operates with a system called OTC or the common market. In the sense that trading is done through a network connected to banks and stays open 24 hours a day and manages this system completely electronically without intervention, you may be amazed at the way the Forex system operates and it may seem intriguing For you, but this is the fact that you are trading in this market.

    The Forex market is traded by exchanging the currency of a country against other currencies in so-called pairs of currencies or the price displayed, which represents the difference between the exchange rate of two currencies, in other words how one currency equal to one of the other currency.

    The Forex market and its impact on the global economy
    Forex trading has become a major player in the global economy. It has become an essential element seen as an important part of the economy of any country where it can assess the strength and performance of the country's economy through its currency strength.

    The Forex market plays a major role in increasing the volume of international trade, which is increasing with technological development and the development of means of communication. In other words, a country like Japan in order to sell its products in the US market must be able to convert the US currency to its local currency, Japanese, there must be a market to change those currencies.

    Forex trading is like any trade that contains profit and loss but the profit opportunities in this market are great, so you must be a professional trader to be able to make a profit as this is also according to many of the criteria you should know and apply correct trading strategies that allow you to profit Without limits.

    The daily turnover of banks, governments and major companies does not exceed 5% and is the main reason for their entry into this market in order to hedge against price fluctuations, while 95% of traders in this market enter for speculation and profit.
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