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What is the difference between gold trading and currency trading?


What is the difference between gold trading and currency trading?

    What is the difference between gold trading and currency trading?

    Gold Trading
    There is no doubt that gold is the mind of intellectual investment and the heart of the spring of any investor is a safe haven always and never to those who want to preserve the value of his money from loss and erosion by inflation, and despite the high prices of gold, which is close to 600 Egyptian pounds per gram 21 At the time of writing this article, it is still the best solution to keep money, but we have to pay attention to the important thing is gold is a safe haven and investment for the long - term is not very good for trading fast or even medium and who wants gold is called hoarding or saving long Term.

    Forex Trading
    Currencies came third in terms of their preference as an investment opportunity for investors, and despite the volatility of the global exchange rates all the time, but with the collapse of the value of the clear pound savings in other currencies instead of the pound. Even writing these articles there are no good signs of change And the recovery of currency or sources of income for the provision of foreign currency, which will cause more pressure on the Egyptian currency

    Too many currencies can be invested, such as the dollar, the euro and the pound, and from the point of view of the site and its experts that the investment in dollars is better than the counterparts of the rest of the currencies, the euro at the lowest levels already and is tempting to buy but the old continent increased in size And is no longer able to bear more economic burdens, which is preventing any progress at the moment and also Britain after its withdrawal from the euro area, it no longer have the ability to grow in the currency after losing billions of investments turned to Europe was considered a refuge for Britain and the point of contact Between ur Ba and the world, but lost all of this

    Also taking into account the support of the large Zionist lobby of the new US President Donald Trump, which is evident in the recovery of markets on the eve of his victory in the elections after falling significantly after the announcement of the result .. So we see the dollar will be the best currency.

    The advantage of currencies It is suitable for short-term trading, short to medium and is what loses the other two elements gold and real estate.

    Stock Trading
    These are the worst ways of investing because of the bad economic conditions in Egypt and because of the lack of transparency and loss of confidence in the Egyptian stock market and the huge loss that successive Egyptian markets and companies also and lack of vision

    Building trade
    The real estate is considered the second place for investment in Egypt and despite the high prices of building materials and prices of real estate in general and with the large supply and also the weakness of selling and high price high and a lot of unlicensed apartments, but will remain the property of the best investment methods and But it is also considered an investment road with long - term goals. However, the assets are considered valuable and with no serious application of real estate tax in Egypt and the presence of zakat for Muslims on the gold hoarding, the property will remain a good solution for long - term investment.

    However, we also have to realize that selling the property in Egypt is not easy and may result in a loss in the case of need for cash in a short time and freezing the money in the property will be considered a total freeze of money, unlike gold and currencies, which can give up part of them to some liquidity When needed

    The good thing about real estate is the possibility of investing it in rent, use it or even housing it, which is not found in any other investment means.
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